What is Summit?

UVSA Project LEAD Summit, simply called Summit, is a all-day student ran and operated leadership conference. The goal of Summit is to develop technical and professional skills for Asian & Asian-American leaders in Southern California. Started up by UVSA President Theodore Pascual in 2016, the goal of UVSA Summit was provide the next generation of leaders an opportunity to learn from alumni. In contrast to Project LEAD’s VAHSA & UVSA camp, in which personal and social growth could be made, UVSA Summit sought to teach its attendees technical trades, from  personal financial management & public speaking to crowd control and cultural knowledge.

Summit 2 is on its way!

Summit 2 is will be occuring on December 2nd. 2017 and will be hosted this year at the Vietnamese Student Association of California State University, Fullerton. With last years amazing turn out and success, this years Summit is expected to be bigger than ever before! This year the Summit legionnaires plan to the following:

  • Interactive & Engaging Workshops!
  • UVSA Resource & Career Fair!
  • UVSA Regional Caucus!
  • UVSA’s 1st Vietnamese Culture Night!


This year’s Summit theme is “United We Stand, Together We Succeed.”

The Summit theme is in hopes of accomplishing what others proceeding generations before would have thought impossible, and address what is called the “leadership drought.” Originated from a regional caucus discussion at UNAVSA-14, the voices of the Vietnamese-American youth of UVSA of the last couple years felt that the biggest issue that the Southern California region needed to address was the lack of individuals stepping up to lead. That for the Southern California region, many individuals are willing to staff and sign up, to be part of UVSA committees, or their local VSA/VSU, however there was a lack of individuals willing to step-up to lead that staff.

This issue is caused because individuals saw volunteering as work without understanding the impact; That individuals saw the callus on their hands as hardship, without realizing that it was preparing them for the real world. For UVSA’s history, too many times individuals would accomplish their goal and say they are tired, but not exclaim why it was worth it; That as UVSA enters the new generation of instant gratification, there is a lost of sight of what is accomplished in the grander scene of events. Overall, this issue is called a “leadership drought.”

To battle this issue, UVSA Summit was moved from the typical time of October to December, so that during the middle of the academic year, the time when student leaders commonly burn-out the most, Summit can be the haven in which UVSA can show them how leadership can be fun, how volunteering can have impact, and that their hard work will have reward to it. That in order for everyone in the Southern California community, from entering freshmen to working adult, to truly accomplish their goals they must learn, communicate, and grow from each other; That once we stand truly united, we will truly succeed.


UVSA Summit sound like something you want to be part of? Want to see if you can make change or learn something new about yourself?

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