Hold up, what is UVSA Assassins and Ninjas?

Assassins and Ninjas is a Southern California wide region game of elimination tag played in the span of 3 months. Participants from the various UVSA constituents joined to increase inter-collegiate support at signature events. Using sticky notes to “eliminate” the their targets, the goal was to be the final contender in the game. None of the participants knew who was after them, nor how many were involved in the game. The only information given was of their own target name and some base details. Some were knew each other, while others were complete strangers.   Rules and moderators were placed to insure safety and that no individuals were hurts. Co-operations and notification was given to all constituents in order to prevent interruptions of any actual events.

Now to conclude the 2016 game!

The Winner of the 2016 UVSA Assassins and Ninjas,

and title holder of “Master of The Shadows,” goes to,

Jacky Chan

from The VSA of California State University, North Ridge!



Honorable mentions to Jennifer Trang Nguyen, University of Irvine 2016 Rose Queen, who came as the runner-up in most eliminations scored but was eliminated less than an hour after receiving her crown!

Special thank you  to the moderators for sorting and making sure rules were followed.

Thank to all our constituents who let us play during your events!

Finally, thank you to all our participants for playing this year, and we look forward to more participation next year.


Curious how the game is played? Watch this mission debriefing video:

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGO4lfEdwAI&feature=youtu.be” ]