Back in November, UVSA held our long-awaited elections to install the executive board who would lead our organization on for the next term. We are proud to announce our new board members for 2015-2017!


theo circle


“Hello everyone! I am your newly-elected Internal Vice President. From this point forward, for the next two years, I will be taking care of the relationships between the academic school organizations and amazing identities who make UVSA not just an umbrella organization, but a family. From our amazing involvement of the youngest of youth, such as the Vietnamese American High School Alliance (VAHSA) to our influence in all of the North America, such as the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA), I will strive to be an amazing example of what it means to be an Executive Board Member of UVSA of Southern California. I look forward to working with my fellow board members, staff, schools, alumni of present and past, and all those who contribute to making our UVSA a resource to individuals who do not have a voice, and for those who seek to accomplish that which is impossible by themselves.


Together, with your help, I seek to continue traditions long past even my time, change in what is necessary to evolve, and continue to make UVSA the pride of Southern California. I do not believe I will meet the expectations of everyone, it would not be human if I did, but I will do what I must to successfully lead UVSA to a better future.”



“Hello Anh Chị Em. My name is Julie Thanh Thảo Nguyễn and I am the newly-appointed Secretary. I look forward to the next 2 years of my term working with not just the newly elected Executive Board members, but the alumni, staff, high schools, colleges, and youths as well. I look forward to attending lots of events and meetings to be more involved as well as to show support to other youth organizations in Southern California. Please give us guidance throughout our term and we look forward to working everyone the next 2 years.


I hope to work with everyone to create and/or bring back events that helped UVSA/THSV teach and educate the youth, as well as others, to know more about the Vietnamese culture and traditions. Without this knowledge, we would not know where we came from and how hard our parents and ancestors worked to us get here.”




“This is an especially important year for UVSA. As Treasurer I hope to establish new fiscal procedures which can be carried on through UVSA’s future Executive Boards. These procedures will ensure that UVSA’s Tet Festival will continue to thrive in order to serve the local community as well as ensure the continuation of our youth leadership camps to empower the next generation of leaders. In conjunction with Treasurer-specific goals, I also have personal goals for UVSA. These include the bolstering of UVSA staff participation by current and former students, and bringing together students and alumni in a mentorship fashion. I am a former Student, VSA Board Member, UVSA staff member, and Director. I hope others who currently hold any of these titles will come to me with questions so I may help them through their journey as well. UVSA was founded on community and family and I wish to continue that legacy throughout my term and after it.


I have great hope for UVSA’s future. One where the UVSA office is headquarters to multiple, simultaneous projects that help the community as well as its students. A mecca where students can come to study, alumni can come to complete work, and a place where all members can feel welcome.”