About UVSA

About UVSA | Sơ lược về THSV

The Union of the Vietnamese Student Associations Southern California (UVSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, community-based and youth-oriented organization designed to provide a united voice for Vietnamese American youth and bringing together students from different colleges and high schools in Southern California.

UVSA of Southern California currently represents 14 collegiate Vietnamese Student Associations/Union and the Vietnamese American High School Alliance, which consists of high school VSAs.

UVSA was founded in 1982 as a means for youth to organize socially and politically within the community. Committed to cultural awareness, educating peers, and community service, UVSA is composed of volunteers including alumni, young professionals, educators, and college and high school students.

Annual activities and programs that UVSA organize include the Tet Festival of Southern California; VAHSA and UVSA leadership camps; Black April Commemoration in remembrance of the Fall of Saigon; UVSA Gala, Winter Formal, College Fair, Beach Day and Bonfire, and Friendship Games.

In addition, UVSA hosts a number of charitable and advocacy events such as charity car washes, fundraising dinner for camps, International Human Rights Night, candle light vigils for religious freedom in Vietnam, and more.


Mission | Sứ Mạng

Our mission is to bring together Vietnamese American youth including students from different colleges and high schools throughout Southern California to build unity, to serve our community, and to advocate for social justice issues that affect our community domestically and in Vietnam.

We represent the diverse and dynamic Vietnamese youth population by encouraging interaction, participation, and activism in the community.  We promote awareness of the Vietnamese culture, language, and history.  Through leadership and service, we strive to advance the Vietnamese community in areas of social, educational, cultural, and civic participation.